Twenty kilometers outside Athens lies Elefsina, a small coastal town, home to a major part of Greece’s industrial activity and one of the most sacred sites of antiquity.

SHIPWRECKED is a multimedia project about the city, produced on the occasion of its selection to be European Capital of Culture in 2023. 

Award winning director Marianna Economou creates a short film centered around two Elefsinians, a fisherman and a diver. Through the eyes of the two characters, who spend most of their time by the sea, we discover the beauty of the Gulf of Elefsina, infused by cinematic images of large half sunken ships. 

Acclaimed photographer Myrto Papadopoulou uses photography and video, to create a mosaic of visual content that captures Elefsina’s intriguing beauty. Through the images of the city’s archaeological sites, factories, shipwrecks and its people, emerges a new and unknown side of Elefsina.

SHIPWRECKED is an ongoing project that will culminate in a feature documentary and photographic exhibition. The project is produced by Anemon Productions with the support of iMEdD.  The project was produced with the kind assistance of Elefsina’s Port Authority, the Central Port Authority, Elefsina’s Shipyards, ELPE, EKEDA and the town’s inhabitants.