“Eleu-sis” is a multidisciplinary project in three parts about Elefsina, a modern Greek city where a history of industrial growth and decline intermingles with ancient myths about life, death and rebirth.

The aim of this project is to offer a more holistic representation of the city of Elefsina while using different narrative modalities through photography, video and sound. Three narrative chapters running in parallel and focused on different time periods build a story on the distinctive social and historical mosaic of the city: I “Hominis Ex Machina”, II “Initiation”, ΙΙΙ “Monologues”.

A history that is deeply contrasting and complex, where the past is everpresent; where myths and antiquity meet industrial growth and commerce. An important aspect of this project are the modern-day inhabitants and particularly the younger generation; in essence, the city’s future.

More specifically, inspired by American poet Carolyn Kizer and her poem “Persephone Pauses” – which explores the role and social status of Persephone in the patriarchal culture of Greek mythology – the young boys and girls of the city will be invited to participate in the project and create their own personal narratives. Through academic studies on gender in Greek mythology the roles between genders followed a specific structure. How are these deep-rooted beliefs reflected in modern Elefsina today? What is the future for the new generation of this historic land?

This interactive narrative approach aims to create a more profound social dialogue, regarding the role and shaping of gender identities in the society of present-day Elefsina.